Home SPA - how to do it?

How about a SPA day at your home ? How would you like it?

You will see for yourself that this is the right reward for your body and soul.

Today we start with body care :

Light a scented candle, turn on meditation music, prepare a bath with oil, sea salt, or bath foam, which will provide you with nutrition and at the same time relax your thoughts. Apply a body peeling to damp skin and remove the dry scales using circular motions and restore softness and blood circulation to your skin. After peeling, relax in the bath for another 20 minutes and then use pumice stone to remove the horny skin on the soles of the feet. Take a thorough shower, dry your body with a heated soft towel and apply nourishing body butter or body anti-aging cream. For a perfect night’s sleep, place a humidifier in your bedroom, and apply a soothing essence to a damp towel or use a soothing pillow spray. How would you like it? I don’t think many of you can wait for the evening.

Here are a few tips I personally use if you are interested in any of the products, do not hesitate to order and you can have them at home the next day as well:

Good night…